Collector’s Guide to Easton Press Books: A Compendium

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Collector’s Guide to Easton Press Books: A Compendium by Kimberly Blaker


This 142-page reference guide is a semi-exhaustive list of Easton Press books. It has more than 3,000 entries of Easton Press titles, both in-print and out-of-print.

The Collector’s Guide to Easton Press Bookslist of Easton Press Books is broken down by sets and series. It also includes stand-alone titles and limited editions.

In this handy, well-organized guide, Easton Press collectors will discover numerous out-of-print titles they’ve likely never heard of that they’ll surely want to add to their libraries to complete their collections.

The Collector’s Guide to Easton Press Books is now available in ebook and paperback format (order below).

Titles from all of the following collections are included in Collector’s Guide to Easton Press Books:

100 Greatest Books Ever Written

Baseball Hall of Fame

Books That Changed the World

Collector’s Library of Famous Editions

Complete Novels of Charles Dickens

Complete Works of Ernest Hemingway

Deluxe Limited Editions

F. Scott Fitzgerald

First Edition Library

Glorious Art

Great Books of the 20th Century

Greatest Adventure Books of All Time

Greatest Shakespeare Library Ever Written

Harvard Classics

Horror Classics

Ian Fleming’s James Bond

Kurt Vonnegut

Library of American History

Library of the Civil War

Library of Fly Fishing Classics

Library of Great Lives

Library of Great Poetry

Library of Military History

Library of the Presidents

Masterpieces of American Literature

Masterpieces of Fantasy

Masterpieces of Science Fiction

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

Nautical Classics

Nautical Library

Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander

Readers’ Choice

Roger Tory Peterson Field Guides

Science Classics

Signed First Editions

Signed First Editions of Science Fiction

Signed Modern Classics & Miscellaneous Signed Editions

Stand Alone Editions & Small Sets


Also available as an ebook through Amazon.