Is Astrology Real?

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Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery?Is Astrology Real?

Have you ever read your horoscope and it seemed so true, it had to be written for you? In Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery? you’ll learn about the development and history of astrology and hear the arguments both for and against its validity. You’ll also read about fascinating scientific studies on astrology and their findings. Then you can do seven fun activities and experiments to sleuth for answers to get to the bottom of the question, ‘is astrology real?’

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Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery?
Table of Contents

Introduction                                                             1

Chapter 1 – What exactly are astrology,
horoscopes, and zodiac signs?                                

Chapter 2 – What’s the evidence for astrology?    13

Chapter 3 – How are horoscopes created?             29

Chapter 4 – Why do so many people believe in    43


Chapter 5 – Is there any harm in believing in        48


Chapter 6 – Is life written in the stars?                  54

Chapter 7 – Exploring astrology and horoscopes  58
on your own

More reading                                                         65

Glossary                                                                68

About the author                                                   69

Index                                                                     70

Notes                                                                     71




Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery?


are horoscopes true or falseHave you ever read your horoscope and it seemed so true it had to be written for you?

Today I looked up my own horoscope. It read:

“Your attention could be focused on getting your work duties done efficiently today. The desire to be organized may be due to your self-discipline and motivation to be the best at what you do. Avoiding distractions might be a way to maintain your concentration and stay on track today. If you are often interrupted at work, perhaps you can let others know that you would like to be disturbed only in an emergency. Likewise, if your mind has the tendency to wander, you might want to pretend that you are in a remote place far from everything–phones, computers, or people–that might disturb you. Imagining that you are secluded from others for a short while could give you both the physical and mental privacy you need to tend to your responsibilities.”

I thought, wow! That seems so true. I do have a lot of self-discipline and motivation to be the best I can be in everything I do. I’m a freelance writer, and I work out of an office at home. I work long hard hours to meet my deadlines and achieve my goals.

At the same time, I often have difficulty focusing. That’s because I have a 3-year-old bullmastiff dog named Boudica. My 115-pound pooch usually spends much of the day pestering me to play with her and for treats. Do you have a dog? If so, you probably know just what I mean. But despite her usual interruptions, I’ve been really focused today on getting my work done.

In fact, this morning Boudica (or Puppenstuff, as I affectionately call her) interrupted me about five times within a short time. So, I asked her to please give me a break today—as if she could understand me. But it worked! From that point on, she let up. Then I put on my invisible blinders to block out all the other distractions in my surroundings. As a result, I was able to tend to my responsibilities—just as my horoscope predicted I’d be able to do.

Do you wonder, though, if there’s a scientific explanation for why my horoscope seemed so true?

Through the rest of this book, you’re going to uncover a lot of fascinating facts about horoscopes and astrology as you sleuth for answers to this question and many more. Then, towards the end of the book, you can also do experiments and activities of your own to help you determine for yourself whether astrology is real or just a hoax.


To learn more about astrology and find the answer your question, ‘is astrology real’, order your copy of Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery? in hardcover or paperback.